Saturday, January 15, 2011

Firefox 4 Beta 9 Released! New Features: Tabs On Titlebar + IndexedDB.

Looks alot better than previous version Mozilla Firefox Beta 8! Looks alot more like Chrome and Opera 11 now with this new tabs on titlebar thingy. If you wanna switch back to the old layout you could do so!

Video about it: Firefox 4 Beta 9 Review

Download it: Click Here

Do you like it?


  1. omg its english now :D, i shall bookmark.

    ALSO took me like 10mins to find out which button was submit -.-

  2. Indeed! :D Of course it's english. ^^

  3. lol this submit button -.- lol which one is it. i may need to learn sweedish now

  4. Because Firefox is a very good web browser

  5. dude ^ firefox is the worse now, Sorry About The Bad News lol